Pending Didas Staff Application


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Sep 3, 2020
Hello, I'm Didas, my discord is ( Didas#6611 ) and my ign is ( Didas_7 ) I'm a 17 years old boy, that lives in Portugal (GMT+1) . I've been around the geopol community for longer than a year, I played almost every season in geographica and played the last season of Pixlies.
And today I'm here to apply for staff in Pixlies. When I found out about geopol servers I loved the concept and it's been more than a year and I still play it and love this type of server. When I found out about Pixlies, for me it was the one that stood out for many reasons. In the past I've been staff on a brazzilian modded server called TechCraftBrasil, While I was staff I earned experience helping and moderating a server, I learned how to deal with toxic and problem-causing people. my higher role there was Moderator, after about 3 months there I resigned because I lost the interest in modded minecraft. A few years later I joined a new geopol server as an administrator which got canceled after 2 weeks because the owner (WolfCharged) didn't wanted to continue the project and adding to that during my minecraft years I've been a builder on some smaller servers.In the last Pixlies season something happened to me and with my gaming experience, and everything that happened to me I do not wish to anyone, which is why I'm here, I want to help Pixlies beeing a better server everyday, and with my skills I think that I can make the difference.

P.S: I can speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, and bit of French.

TechCraftBrasil discord: