Pending NikolaHr's Staff Application


New member
Feb 21, 2020
Hello, my name is Nikola, I’m from Bulgaria and I’m 15, I know Bulgarian, English and I'm learning German. I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2013 and I’m passionate about it still. My Minecraft username is NikolaHr and my discord is Nikola#2776.
I’ve played on Pixlies since the beginning, I was one of the first players to join the server and actively play. Before Pixlies I have played on other GeoPols but all of them were the same, there was nothing special about them, they didn’t have a friendly community or even a community at all. I’ve been into earth-like servers for over a year now, so I have experience with them. I would be active on Pixlies even after school starts. I want to join the Pixlies staff team so I can help improve the amazing community and server that is Pixlies.
I was Helper in Pixlies for a few months, but I needed to take a break and became inactive, my demotion was justified but I want to try again and be more consistent. The current members of the Pixlies staff team can determine how well I did as a helper but I do think that I did my job good. I can work, think under pressure, I am righteous, I can be trusted and I'm truly passionate about the Server and its stunning community. I can deal with toxicity and I can be polite and nice to even the most toxic people.
I have many ideas to improve the server. I'm willing to spend lots of time on it and try to improve other people's experiences as well. I do have experience with using plugins and server managing. I know all the commands that a staff member should know.