Interview PhinkleForb’s Staff Application


New member
Jun 11, 2020
Minecraft IGN: ObbyBombing
Discord tag (Name and #Id): PhinkleForb#3382
Age: 17
Timezone: EST

Why do you want to apply? Do you even play frequently? Why PixliesEarth?

Hey! My name is Phinkle and I’ve been around the geopol community for little over a year now. Throughout my time I played primarily Geographica Season 1, post Mapperific wipe. During this time I fell in love with the genre and community, enough to make me want to create my own server! During my time as owner of Gexica, I learned how to manage, supervise, and oversee not only my fellow staff members, but the server as a whole. This season of my life with Gexica helped me understand how to fairly issue punishments, deal with toxicity and troublemakers, and above all, keeping the community happy. Once Gexica shut down, due to lack of funding and an increase of busyness in mine and Luepe’s life, I moved to Vaceria with Dan. Dan placed me as a moderator and later an admin over the network. Once Vaceria came for a stalemate I essentially left the community/discord for a while to focus more on IRL things.
When I returned to discord I kinda looked around for a while to see how everything had changed in the months that I had been gone. I came across Theta on Pixlies and he asked if I wanted to join his group, which I accepted and joined Akaysha (probably spelled it wrong). I played a fair amount of time and helped build with him, which was a nice change of pace from the last time I had played a geopol months and months before.

Overall, I think my experience and creativity sets me apart from other applicants. During Gexica Season 2 I came up with just about all the lore and storyline, as well as the idea for NPCs that sell different items to different classes. Aside from that, I have come up with several long-term projects with numerous features and ways to implement them. I think I could bring some of these ideas and mechanics to the Pixlies team to help set this server apart from other generic “copy and paste” geopolitical servers.

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Vaceria Link:


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Feb 20, 2020
Your application has been accepted, we would like to invite you to an interview. Message me whenever you are available MickMMars#0666