Denied Souls Staff Application


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Oct 4, 2020
  1. SunkenSouls
  2. Souls#6090
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  4. Why do you want to apply? Well, I want a new experience aside from being on the Pixlies Builder team and I want to be more involved with the server. Do you even play frequently? Yes, I play quite often on the server and I get on to build and help out with other minuscule tasks. Why PixliesEarth? Well I have already been introduced to the community and have helped out as the self-proclaimed Head Builder
  5. Do you have any previous staffing experience? (With links to the mentioned institutions/servers) No, but I do know the structure of staff teams and I know the roles and each staff members part in the grand scheme of things,
  6. Why should we pick you over other applicants? Well to put it simply I certainly think differently than others about certain situations and I always have a conflicting viewpoint that might be good at certain times where you need multiple opinions. What makes your special as an individual? I'm not sure what else you would need for online skills I feel like what I'm good at is just universal to everyone who is going to apply but if there's something I need to learn I can and will.
  7. Have you worked on similar servers before? No, I have not.
Because I am creative I decided to make it exactly as the format because as you can see no one else did, I'm just built different sorry if that bothers yall.


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Feb 20, 2020
Unfortunately, your application does not fulfill our needs and expectations as it tells us nothing about you, and why you are a useful addition to the staff team of Pixlies Network. If you consider reapplying, you are free to apply again.