Denied Staff application Yoram


New member
Oct 10, 2020
Hello i’m Yoram 15 years old from the Netherlands. I’m applying for staff member because I know this server for so long and now I wanna help. I’ve been staff member in a lot of other severs but I didn’t get the feeling there. Now I saw you guys are looking for staff members so I thought I need to do this. I’ve been on this server for so so long the community is so nice the server and the ideas in it is genius and the staff so nice. I thought I need to be in this community I love this community so I wanna help this community to make there server a little better. To get the haters and the hackers out of there and make this sever greater again. I’m an nice guy if I could say that. You may know me from years ago as that annoying little kid but I’m 15 now that 13 year old yoram is gone. Now a little about what I can do. I speak Dutch , English and a little German. I’m good with people. I’m not an guy that kicks people a lot or ban them. I’m that nice guy that wants to make it good. If you accept this application I promes to you: I will be good boy and be nice to Staff members and others on the server. You don’t have to accept me. You can always ask more question,